Week 1 NFL Results
September 9, 2008, 8:05 am
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After starting off the season 1-0 with the Giants/’Skins game, everything fell apart on Sunday, going 4-9. I took a step toward respectability on Monday, going 1-1, finishing Week 1 6-10. Like I said, I am no gambling expert, and I proved that this week!

I’m thinking part of the reason I do so well picking the playoff games is I have a chance to see a season’s worth of competition and have plenty of opportunity to analyze all the teams. In Week 1 of the NFL, it’s a complete toss up and you never know what to expect. For instance, I knew the Falcons would be improved over last year, but I couldn’t have seen the whooping that they handed down. And don’t you think the Pats would’ve covered had Brady not gone down?

I guess 6-10 isn’t awful. I did pick the Bears game correctly (which ended up being the only underdog pick I got correct), which was nice. And I did feel like a bit of a criminal with Broncos -3. That game wasn’t even close.

I’m sure I’ll write another post in regards to my thoughts on the first week of NFL action, but in the mean time, here are the picks I DID get right:

Giants (-4.5)
Saints (-3)
Cowboys (-5.5)
Cardinals (-.5)
Bears (+9.5)
Broncos (-3)


Week 1 NFL Picks
September 3, 2008, 11:59 pm
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I want to start this off as pronouncing that I am, in no means, a football or NFL expert. Nor am I well experienced or successful with gambling. But you know what? Every post-season I make picks based on the line and I kill it. And I mean kill it.

I partly think this can be attributed to me not making any picks until the post-season, thereby giving myself an entire season to judge all the teams. This argument had some merit, especially with me having the Sunday Ticket.

Well I am here to try to be successful the entire season with my picks. I will pick every game, every week and will monitor and report my continuing progress. Who knows? If I start doing pretty well, maybe a trip to Vegas will be in my plans. But lets not get too ahead of ourselves.

Week 1:

Giants (-4.5)
Bengals (-1.5)
Dolphins (+3)
Patriots (-9.5)
Texans (+6.5)
Jaguars (-1)
Lions (-3)
Seahawks (+1)
Saints (-3)
Rams (+7.5)
Cowboys (-5.5)
Chargers (-6)
Cardinals (-.5)
Bears (+9.5)
Vikings (+2.5)
Broncos (-3)


Looks like I’m going with the favorites 10-6 this week. I was really surprised the Packers are favored over the Vikings by that much, even if they are at home. I was also surprised with the size of the spread for the Indy/Chicago and New England/KC games at 9.5 I took Pats and Bears as I think Chicago has a better chance to cover than KC. Two picks that scare me: Dolphins +3 and Lions -3.

Its September 2nd and I Feel Like Going Snowboarding
September 2, 2008, 2:31 pm
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Last week I got my Epic Pass in the mail and I think that’s when it hit me: summer is over, fall will soon be here, and A-Basin opens in a month and a half.

Sure, attempting to ride the man-made, icy, “white ribbon of death” that only ascends halfway up Arapahoe Basin’s scenic front side comes with it’s fair share of hazards. The conditions are obviously less than ideal, half the front range tries to descend onto one run, and the legs are not fully conditioned to make split second turns at a moment’s notice. Add this to the usual festivities in the parking lot that A-Basin is known for, and one would be tempted just to wait until the “big boys” open a month later.

However, it is the idea that early season at A-Basin represents that drives excitement. The season is almost here. Winter, our White Knight, is imminent. Even when half the mountain is still brown and rocky, you get images in your head of endless powder days. Even when the lift lines are packed, you think of solo weekday runs when you own the mountain. Even when some of your friends decline your offer at early season turns, you remember the camaraderie and experiences shared on the mountain slopes.

It is the idea of what can be attained and what is possible that makes early season so exciting. It is the idea of feeling free while sliding the snow. It is that pure ecstasy that rushes the senses when gravity pulls you downhill. It is the awe that strikes us after every steep line that is attempted.

Early season at Arapahoe Basin is not about the conditions, it is about getting reaquainted with an old friend. And I for one, can’t wait to make up for lost time.

Jack Bauer Kill Count
March 12, 2007, 3:42 pm
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Just a quick post before tonight’s new 24 (which they are advertising as having the most shocking moment in the history of the show, which I don’t buy). I stumbled onto this link from Bill Simmons’ blog on a few weeks back and I was instantly enamored with it. It’s a kill counter for Jack Bauer, featuring who Jack killed, how he killed them, and the video of him doing it. If you are a fan of 24, you can definitely kill a lot of time here, no pun intended.

I’ve already done some preliminary research, such as figuring out Season 4 was Jack’s deadliest (with 44 kills being attributed to Jack), and hour 6 in Season 4 was Jack’s dealiest hour (12 kills). So far I have Nina Myers in Season 3 (much to the rejoice of 24 fans everywhere) and Victor Drazen in Season 1 as my favorites, probably more because of the impact rather than the style in which it was done. Which takedowns do you prefer?

Check out the Bauer Count.

Send a Note to Help Stop Global Warming
March 1, 2007, 10:34 am
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Help me send a message to Congress:
Now is the time to act on global warming.

Follow the link below to fill out a form to send a message to your representative in Congress. On March 21, Al Gore will be testifying about the climate crisis and will personally deliver your message. This is a terrific first step to avoiding global catastrophe.

The New Keystone Locals
February 26, 2007, 11:06 pm
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Dave and Nancy Bergen at Keystone
Dave and Nancy Bergen on the slopes of their new home mountain, Keystone Colorado 2/18/07

Had a fabulous President’s weekend with my parents and Missy in Keystone and Dillon. We came up Friday night after several travel delays, and hit the slopes on Sunday. We looked at a lot of condos, had some great food and beer, and good times all around. My dad and I ended up having some beer at 3 of the 5 breweries in Summit County (in case you are wondering, Backcountry Brewery in Frisco, Pug Ryans in Dillon and Wolf Rock Brewery in Keystone).  At some point in this blog, I think I will try my hand at rating beers and breweries. Now will not be the time, and they were all good.

The highlight of the weekend probably came on the drive to the airport, when my dad got the call from his realtor that his offer on a townhouse in Keystone had been accepted. We decided to celebrate, so Missy and I joined my parents for drinks in the Sam Adams bar at DIA before they went through security. 

The new part time Summit County residents have a lot to look forward in their mountain setting and I’m excited for them. Of course, to be honest, I’m pretty excited myself. I’m looking forward to exploring more of Keystone’s three mountains, the nightlife at The Snake River Saloon and The Goat, as well as notching more night riding runs. Most of all, I’m looking forward to being able to see my parents more frequently.

Congrats Mom and Dad, you’re going to love it up here.

Simpsons Movie Trailer
February 23, 2007, 11:09 am
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After being on the air for almost 20 years, the Simpsons have finally decided to take a stab at the big screen. I originally saw the trailer on this past Sunday’s new episode of the Simpsons, and man does it look epic. Check it out yourself, here is the link to the sneak preview on Yahoo.